The words I kept hearing from God…

You see over the last year or so I have been hearing from God, “The Land of Milk and Honey…”. I was recognizing it being mentioned in many different places, and every time it was so clear that there was something to it, that God was trying to tell me something. I wasn’t sure exactly what, but I did know that I loved the sound of it and I desired to live in it! “A land flowing with milk and honey” just sounds so beautiful, peaceful and pure! “A land flowing with milk and honey” is a poetic way of expressing the beauty and productivity of the promised land. “A land flowing with milk and honey” is a land that God promised to the Israelites, a land where they would be set free from slavery! (Exodus 3:7-8) I would just meditate on it here and there when I heard God speaking it to me, and I would pray about it and wonder.

Then the beginning of this past February, my sister, a friend and I attended the IF:Gathering in Austin, Texas. The IF:Gathering is a weekend of listening to many stories of Godly women, some being christian bloggers, authors or speakers, and some just sharing their stories. Sharing them by pouring into other women about the things God has done and continues to do in their lives, and sharing the gospel and the love of Jesus, and explaining how we all have God given gifts that God wants us to use in ways will glorify HIM! It was a group of women not only in Austin, but there were women gathered all over the world holding IF:Locals doing the same thing. Women sharing with one another, encouraging and getting to know women they had never known, encouraging them to take that leap of faith, to no longer be afraid or ashamed of where they had been, but to preservere and to be proud of where God has brought them, shouting from the rooftops giving Him all the glory, the storms HE has brought them through! It was wonderful and if you’ve never been, I encourage you to follow them on Facebook and to try to go next year!

Throughout the weekend you worship and pray, and I kept getting this nudge about a blog. The same nudge I had been getting off and on for the past year or so, but one I always thought was crazy, or that I would talk myself out of. There was always thoughts from the enemy telling me lies such as: I’d never be good enough to blog, I’m not a good writer, I can’t even speak well or ever really get out what I’m trying to share, so what makes me think I could ever blog something that would actually help someone? I wasn’t sure where this was going, so I prayed again and waited.

We were leaving the IF:Gathering that Saturday, sitting in the back of that Uber car, not really saying a word to one another. I think I was just trying to process everything I had just taken in, and as I was gazing out of the car window, I noticed this huge sign on this building that couldn’t have been any bigger or any more in my face, and it read, “milk + honey”! I was so taken aback that the thought of grabbing my phone and snapping a pic did cross my mind, but I was in so much awe that I couldn’t move! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I knew God was speaking to me again and that He was starting to get louder. It was almost funny. It turns out it was some sort of spa, but that part didn’t even register…because I knew very clearly the part that I was supposed to see that day! On my drive home as I listened to worship music and took in God’s beautiful land…I finally got it! I knew I was going to start a blog. I wasn’t sure of all the details, but I knew God was going to use me in this way. In fact on the way home as I tried to process “milk + honey”, I knew that my blog would not be “milk” and “honey”, because my life was nothing like living in the promise land and it wasn’t supposed to be here on earth. I started pondering…what to call my blog, and that’s when eventually on that same ride home “lemons” came to me. I started reflecting on my life, how I have, we all have, been thrown so many lemons in this temporary life, and how God uses these lemons to grow us, to mature us, and to bring us closer to Him! He uses these lemons to help us to understand that He is in control, always was, and always will be, and that He makes no mistakes, but that He has a perfect plan! His word says, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28 He’s preparing us for the “land of milk and honey”!

I found this image on the internet, and although it may or may not be the exact sign, it is definitely very similar to what I remember seeing that day!


Then February 20th, my husband and I were headed to Indiana for a marriage intensives retreat (another post coming soon). We arrived to snow covered grounds and I was freezing! As we got to our hotel and started to settle into our room, I did as I do often when I’m freezing, and went to get in a warm bath! I know, how GROSS, for me to get into a bathtub in a hotel room! Disgusting I agree, but that is just how cold I was! As I was getting warmed up I reached for the box of hotel soap, and I was awe struck once again! I yelled for my husband to come quick. I said, “Remember how I mentioned to you that it had been on my heart to start a blog?” And I went on to tell him how God had been speaking to me in ways that couldn’t be any clearer, and I explained the whole “milk and honey” and “lemons and honey” analogies that I had been meditating on. Then I handed him the box of soap and asked, “What do you think?” He looked at the front, then the back, just as I had, and he just smiled and said, “Well, you’ve got to do it!” We ended up being stuck in that hotel for 3 days longer than we planned and thats where my husband helped me set up and bring to life my blog, Lemons and Honey!

This is an image I did snap of my husband holding the box of soap! All I seen was Lemons and Honey!


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  1. I remember that sign so vividly. I remember thinking, that’s different, and we never mentioned it to each other. I had forgotten about it until now. Crazy!

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